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Being prepared for the unexpected is a critical element of managing your finances planning and buildiing wealth. As we work with you to develop and guide you to your financial goals, we will include tools and resources designed to help manage risk in your assets, both now and in the future. Collins Financial Group LLC can review your current policy and/or recommend an insurance strategy to help ensure that you have the right protection and assurance for you and your family.


Life insurance can help provide the peace of mind that you and your family need in an ever-changing world. The right death benefit can ensure that your family’s wellbeing is protected no matter what lies ahead.

The decision to buy life insurance can be confusing and complicated. And while many people think life insurance is too expensive and complicated, it does not have to be.


A disability that costs you the ability to support yourself and your family can be devastating. Disability insurance safeguards you against this risk and protects your family’s financial wellbeing.


Many individuals over the age of 65 will eventually require long- term care services. That is, they will need assistance with one of more of the basic activities of daily life. The cost of these services can be significant, and is generally not fully covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Long-term care insurance can help to ease the financial burden of long-term care and eliminate uncertainty about your financial future.